Web Design
Our websites are built using the WordPress content management system. Beautifully designed, our mobile friendly sites give your customers what they are looking for.

Initially we will discuss your requirements and provide solutions such as suitable WordPress themes (unless you already have one in mind), plugins, etc.

We will train you to manage and update your own content and provide free support for the first six months. After this we offer an entirely optional maintenance contract.

Our clients range from small and medium sized businesses across different business sectors.

We’re based in Bromley so we cover the whole of London and the South East although can design websites for anyone, anywhere.

If you’d like to discuss your website requirements, please contact us for more info or get a no obligation quote.

Website Management
Don’t have time to write your own content or update your website? No problem, we can do this for you!

Most businesses are turning to blogging to create good quality content. Blogging about your business and what you know will demonstrate knowledge, build credibility and help you to gain trust in your market. Better engagement with customers through blogging and social media is the way to go.

Amazingly, there are businesses who have never had to invest in search engine marketing because their website naturally brings traffic as a result of consistently publishing new blog posts about topics that interest them and their market.

Blogging can drive more search engine traffic to your site. Google loves good quality content and so will your visitors. Once you start to share your posts and interact through social media you will have a whole new audience. However, writing quality posts takes time and we can do this for you.

Again, if you don’t have time to regularly post content (text, images, video, etc,) to your site we can do this for you.

If you’d like to discuss your website management requirements, please contact us for more info.

Email Marketing
Email marketing is still one of the best ways to reach your audience. We use industry leader Mailchimp on your behalf for our newsletters and mailing lists. You will always own the account and the mailing lists. Here are just a few ways we can help, choose as many, or as few, as you like:

  • Installing a sign-up form on your website
  • Running creative campaigns to encourage sign-ups
  • Creating a subscriber list from scratch or importing your existing list
  • Designing a branded template
  • Writing engaging newsletter content
  • Sending the newsletter at a frequency of your choice
  • Reporting the effectiveness of your mail-outs

If you’d like to discuss your email marketing requirements, please contact us for more info.

Social Media
Social media is a major player in the online presence for any business. Channels include Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and many more.

Every Business looking to see the most success possible needs to utilise social media and the huge audience that can be connected to your business through it. We have a dedicated social media solution we offer, which works extremely well alongside our SEO package.

Keeping your social media feed active takes a lot of dedication. Logging in to post four or five times per day, or even more if you use multiple channels. Building your social channels takes time and patience.

We will still be posting while you are working on building your business. We’ll still be posting when you are on holiday or off sick. We’ll still be posting when you are called out to an urgent meeting that runs on all day. It’s hard work to post four or five times each day with well thought out content.

If you’d like to discuss your social media requirements, please contact us for more info.

The higher you rank for organic searches on Google the more traffic you will receive but getting your website up to the dizzy heights is no easy task. We like to think of it as a mountain climb, only this mountain doesn’t just come with a great view at the top, it comes with a significant financial reward.

Onpage optimisation counts for about 25%-30% of the SEO process and can be achieved quite quickly at the start of your SEO campaign. We will need to tweak the text and a few other things on some of your web pages, but obviously our SEO copywriters will run all text changes past you for approval before they go live.

We optimise your site and build the campaign around foundation phrases and due to the way our system works you will also get found for lots of other search terms, these results are called long tail results.

We find a lot of our clients who are using one of our SEO campaigns save money and gain extra traffic in comparison to their Google Adword campaign. Google Adwords is far more expensive in terms of return on investment.

Our SEO (search engine optimisation) team will find you achievable niche phrases that are specific to your business and are getting lots of searches. We have tools that allow us to see how many people search for a specific phrase each month.

With our dedicated specialist team we are delivering significant improvements in website rankings within 45 days of starting a campaign!

If you’d like to discuss your SEO requirements, please contact us for more info.

We provide six months free support for all of our new website projects. If you have a platform like WordPress it is necessary to carry out updates from time to time to ensure optimum security. It is also necessary to keep backups of the site, monitor the user base and monitor the health to ensure there is no malware present. You will have the tools in place to do all of these things yourself and by the end of the six months free support period you should be comfortable with everything you need to do to maintain your website. However, some clients prefer to take out a maintenance contract at this stage. This is completely optional. This allows you to get on with running your business and not needing to worry about keeping your website up to date.

The maintenance contract includes:

Updates to WordPress, theme, and plugins (as needed)
Verify site after updates
monthly security scan and relevant fixes if needed
Removal of spam comments and excess post revisions
Weekly backup (both database and files)
Restore your site from backup in an emergency

All this for the amazing monthly price of £30 (cancel anytime), £25 per month if 12 months purchased upfront.

If you’d like to discuss your website maintenance requirements, please contact us for more info.